free sex game download
free sex game download

Free sex game download

The original adult sex games for couples. Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party, Romantic Dares and Secret Desires. These adult games are all developed from original ideas and fully compatible with all Windows Operating Systems. free sex game download All of our software products are certified 100% virus free and tested on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows Millenium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows NT.


This site contains links to adult material that should be viewed only by persons over the legal age for sexually explicit material. This site does not contain any pornography or adult images. This site contains details of the best adult erotic sex games available on the internet today. These adult games can be downloaded for free from this site - no credit card required.

What is Secret Desires?

Secret Desires is the ultimate adult sex game for couples.

We are confident that this is the best game of its kind available today. Try it for yourself - 100% free - and see if we are right.

If you would like to download the demonstration copy of this free sex game download please use the link below:

Free sex game download

es is the ultimate adult sex game. It contains thousands of hot adult interactions and features intelligent gameplay which matches interactions to the player status and the state of the game. Many different aspects of gameplay to suit individual preferences. Produced by the makers of Sexual Pursuit and Sexy Party, the 2 most popular adult games of all time. Try this game for FREE now and see what we are talking about. Features: a) Thousands of exciting adult oriented sexy interactions for couples. b) Maintenance screen for editing and adding interactions to the game. c) Intelligent Gameplay means that interactions match the player preferences and are relevant to the current state of the game. d) Picture library that can be changed to show your own sexy pictures or an erotic gallery of your choosing. e) Sounds and Pictures can be associated with each interaction. f) Automatic Update function ensures that the program and its interactions are kept up to date. g) Many different aspects of gameplay that can be switched on or off as you please. h) The most free sex game download configurable adult game ever designed. Everything can be adjusted, including the A.I. that determines how interactions are selected. i) Professionally Designed and Tested for Windows XP and compatible with Windows 9x and Windows NT. j) Child Lock ensures that minors do not intentionally or accidentally view any of the content of this game. k) Statistics for each game can be stored for posterity if you desire. l) Each interaction can be "rated" so that the game system can learn what you both like and dislike.

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Free sex game download

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