Cyber sex game

Cyber sex game

Cyber sex game

We lay there facing each other for what seemed an eternity. We were talking about a million things, not the least of which was sex and what he wanted us to do together. Some of the things I had only heard of or read about but was anxious to try them as he described them. He dropped his head to my chest and pushed my top and bra up and out of the way freeing up my breasts. He took first one and then the other in his mouth while his fingers were massaging the one he wasn't kissing.

"Don, I am not sure just how I feel about what we did. I know I am just as guilty as you but somehow I don't feel any guilt. It all seemed like the right thing for us to be doing."

"I'm glad you feel that way Jan for I feel exactly the same way. I think this will be the start of something both of us will treasure forever. I know I will." With that he pulled me to him and kissed me hard with his tongue buried down my throat.

Nothing much happened between us for the next several weeks although I know I was dying to feel that cock in me again. We didn't try to avoid one another but it was just the way things worked out with my mother working strange hours and then deciding she could do a lot of work at home.

Cyber sex game

It was on a Tuesday afternoon mom came home and said she had to talk with me. Oh oh, what the hell did I do wrong now?

"Jan, there is a realtors convention taking place in San Francisco this weekend and everyone is telling me I really should go to it but I hate to leave you and Don alone for the weekend. I would have to leave on Friday morning and wouldn't get back until late Sunday. What do you think? Would you two be OK for the weekend?"

My mind was going crazy with each word out of her mouth. All I could think of was that huge cock riding in and out of me as my love juices flowed out and lubricated me even more for almost three days.

Cyber sex game

"Oh Mom, don't give it another thought. We'll be fine. I'll get Don to take me to a ball game and that will please both of us."

"OK that settles it. I'll make the plane and hotel reservations tonight." She announced.

I drove her to the airport on Friday morning and then raced back to the house to see Don. I no sooner got in the door when he had his arms around me from the rear and said,

Cyber sex game

"OK sweet thing. Upstairs and get those clothes off." I looked around at him and he was stark naked with his cock sticking out like a ball bat.

When I got into the bedroom and had stripped he pushed me back on the bed saying that it wasn't his cock that was going to give me some pleasure that morning but his tongue. I thought he meant he was going to kiss me to death.

I was soon on the bed with my legs spread and his face buried in my crotch with his tongue doing some kind of magic in my vagina as it was searching out my clit. Damn, he first licked my pussy lips up one side and then down the other and then let his tongue do all kinds of things on my clit. He let a hand roam up my chest so it could gently massage my breasts. He was able to do something with his fingers on my nipples that had me reaching for the stars. With what he was doing there and his tongue in my pussy I could feel the warmth starting deep within me. It wasn't going to take long and I was soon holding the back of his head and pulling it to me a s hard as I could when I felt the explosion taking place. I didn't think I would ever stop coming but it all happened way too quickly.

Cyber sex game

"Don, that is something I had only heard and read about. WOW, it was terrific"

"Glad you liked it honey. I'll have to do it for you more often."

He had raised himself up in the bed so we were facing each other and he gave me a huge kiss with my pussy juices still clinging to his lips. I loved the taste.

"Don, I can feel that steel rod of yours trying to poke a hole in my stomach. It looks as if you are ready."

"Yes I am but not for just plain fucking. I want you to take me in your mouth."

Cyber sex game

"You mean give you a blow job? I never did that before but I heard a lot about it. Are you going to want me to swallow your juices or are you going to let me spit them out?"

"One thing at a time honey. Yes, I want you to give me what is normally called a blow job and whether or not you swallow or spit out my come is up to you. I would prefer that you swallowed it but as I say, that is up to you. You'll know when I am getting ready to come so you can make your decision then. OK?"

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