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This is free promo bowling game based on Havok physics engine. It's free for use and copy.

You have nothing to install on your hard drive. The Virtools 3D Web Player allows you to view and interact with 3D content via the web. If you don't already have Virtools Web Player on your system, you will be directed to the Web Player download page.

If you want to copy, check your IE cache for "Bowl.html" and "Bowl.vmo" files. If you want to share it on your site text backlink to is needed.

So, are you ready?

Please close all other applications except this window for better performance. The size of data transfer is 2,5Mb

If you have troubles running 3D life player:
If the 3D Life Player does not install, check your security settings.
Make sure to disable any download acceleration utility.
Under Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, the 3D Life Player first downloads an .exe file, installer.exe, that will install an Active X control and continue the installation of the player. Modify your Internet Security options to authorize Active X control installation and execution.

Make sure that your Network administration policy allows you to download .exe/.xpi files.
Contact your Network administrator to make sure that your proxy/firewall settings allow you to download .nwi, .packed, .exe, .xpi files.

You must have administrative rights to install the 3D Life Player.

Using Firefox, I got a Javascript application error dialog box stating that "3D Life Player installation failed".

Click the Ok button of this dialog box then at the top of the Firefox window click the "Modify Options" button to autorhize to install softwares. Click the Install button again.

If nothing helps please inform us. Provide your operation system version (XP, Vista, 2000 etc.) and browser version (IE 5,6,7)
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